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*10 scans. Tracking scans requires a paid plan. Code editing will expire if browser closed.
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QR Codes In A Wizz!

Take the hassle out of connecting others to your web or social content by sharing QR codes for your important content.

WizzQR allows QR codes to be quickly and easily be generated so you can easy grab them for others to scan and get instant access to your page and important links.

QR codes are quickly scanned, recognised by all smart phones and tablets and ensure maximum reach to your intended audience.

Find out more about QR Codes from our FAQ page.

WizzQR Just Works

Right out of the box WizzQR just works. No coding required. Once in your account, you can create as many QR Codes as you want, customise them, download and share them. Combine this with super-low, industry leading pricing means all possible usage cases are covered...including yours!

  • All Dynamic QR Codes
  • Easy Customisation
  • Scan Tracking
  • Unlimited Codes
  • Lifetime Usage
  • Flexible Billing Plans
  • Secure Access Area
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • No Coding Needed
  • Instant Access

Unlimited Dynamic Codes

Quickly generate QR Codes for use in any application. All WizzQR codes are dynamic meaning you can edit them any time and the QR image is automatically updated with the new information. Unlike other QR Code apps with a mix of inflexible static QR codes and dynamic, all your QR Codes are dynamic as soon as you create them. And there is no limit to how many QR codes you can create, unlike others.

Customise Your Codes

Once you create your WizzQR Code, you can customise how the image appears for scanning. Foreground, background colours, add a call-to-action label and even add your personal/business logo for memorable branding. Customisation is instant and changes live immediately!

Who Is Scanning Your Codes

Your WizzQR dashboard includes a powerful suite of analytics, that show you scan statistics; who, where, how, unique scans, countries, social media traffic and so much more. Once you have shared your QR code, you can begin to track it's scan history and other vital data. Analytics is included on your plan, not a paid upgrade!

Why People Choose WizzQR

WizzQR works right out the box and is the perfect fit for anyone who needs a one-stop solution for creating and managing QR Codes, combined with tracking and analytics!
Simple Tools

Create QR Codes then share your codes where you need them. Customise your codes with intuitive tools.


Clear analytics to show your QR Code scans' performance and visitors. Science degree not needed!

Secure Access

WizzQR gives you a secure user area and guarantees only you have exclusive use of your QR Codes.

Transparent Billing

Upgrade or downgrade at anytime. Switch from Monthly to Annual billng seamlessly, cancel at any time.

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